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Adopt a Shelter Cat Right Meow!

Did you know that June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month? Each year, American Humane reminds us that there are millions of furry, feline friends that need homes in our local communities. Many people focus their attention on the littlest cats, the kittens, for adoption as the late spring and summer months are the height of "kitten season". This time of year is especially hard on shelters and rescues because of the number of kittens that they will see. Here locally, our Noah’s family of animal hospitals work with great groups like Southside Animal Shelter, Indianapolis Animal Care Services, Humane Society for Hamilton County, Robin’s Nest, Cats Haven, and many, many more! We encourage everyone looking for a new pet to consider helping these folks!

Felines have been outnumbering our canine friends in households for more than a decade now. Older research from 2017 shows that there were almost 100 million cats living in households in the US at that time! What's so special about cats?? Many people prefer cats to dogs simply because of the perception that they are "easier" to care for or even that they need less care than dogs. Others like the fact that cats are a little more self-sufficient, not needing to go outside like those "other pets." Cat owners tend to be more introverted than dog owners, seem to have a deeper relationship with their pets, and tend to be more creative than folks with dogs.

Sadly, many cat owners also are less likely to seek care for the cat and will often use the Internet to gather advice on what to do with their pet. This has led to an ongoing concern among our teams here at Noah’s on how we can best ensure your feline friend has a long, healthy, and happy life. So, if this month has you thinking that adding an adorable purring critter to your home is a possibility, let's keep a few things in mind:

· Your pet WILL need to see their veterinarian regularly and this means he/she will need to be used to traveling in a carrier. Avoid the temptation to ONLY bring out the carrier when your cat needs to go with you. Let him/her explore the carrier and even use it as a hiding place in your house.

· As I always state, don't listen to Internet gossip and rumors about vaccinations and other preventive care for your pets. If you are concerned about the vaccines your cat needs, visit the American Association of Feline Practitioners for their take on what your feline buddy will need. Parasite prevention is also vital as cats are susceptible to heartworms, just like our dogs are, but there is NO treatment approved for cats with heartworm disease. Any of our friendly staff are happy to talk with you about your cat’s healthcare needs, so feel free to give any of our hospitals a call.

· Although your cat may "seem" healthy, many cats will hide their illnesses until it's very advanced. Consider annual blood work for your cat along with exams done at least once a year (Pro Tip: twice is better!!)

Cats are amazing, inquisitive, independent, and loving pets. Consider the opportunity to bring one (or more) into your home and your heart! Are you already owned by a cat or two? Tell us your story . . .

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