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Since 1982, residents have traveled to Noah’s Animal Hospital at 56th and Emerson, when Dr. Mike Thomas returned to his native Indiana and began building the Noah’s group. His dream was to provide extraordinary pet care and service, establishing lifelong relationships with both his clients and patients. On October 29th, 2013, Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel was opened at the intersection of 146th Street and Carey Road to serve the Carmel area under the expert leadership of Dr. Joni Kirch. In July of 2022, the hospital moved to Noblesville and became Noah's Animal Hospital North

Noah’s Animal Hospital North is a full service companion animal health care facility offering preventive care, diagnostics, dentistry and surgery for dogs and cats. We also provide grooming services to help keep our patients looking and feeling their very best. Our services, facility and equipment have all been designed to help us consistently deliver the highest quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Whether it’s a routine wellness exam, an advanced diagnostic test or a complex surgical procedure, our staff of highly skilled veterinary professionals will be here for you and your pet, every step of the way.

At Noah’s Animal Hospital North, we have worked hard to establish our reputation as the most trusted resource for veterinary medical care in the Indiana area and we want to share our commitment with you and your pet. Let us work with you to provide your animal companion with all of the preventative care and necessary medical treatment he or she needs to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. We look forward to welcoming you both to our office soon and to serving you for many years to come.

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Our Wellness Plans

Our smart, affordable wellness plans are just what you need for your furry family members. Whether you just got a new kitten or puppy and need to start them off with the right vaccines and testing, or your best friend is an adult, our wellness plans are just what you need.

For information on our Kitten & Puppy Plans, click here. For our adult or senior Simple Plans, click here

Note: Our Wellness Plans are not available at all Noah's locations.

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Puppy Kitten Plans


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