Dental Prophies / Teeth Cleaning

Did you know that almost 85% of all pets have some degree of dental disease by the age of three years?  Tartar can harbor bacteria that are harmful to the bone and gum tissues resulting in loose and painful teeth.  Gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue) is typically reversible.  Unfortunately, bone loss is not.  Regular dental cleanings can help reduce amount of bone loss and prevent loose teeth.


Some signs of dental disease include:

Bad breath

Discolored teeth, broken, or loose teeth

Red, swollen gums

Difficulty chewing or reluctance to play with chew toys


At Noah’s Animal Hospitals, we feel that a healthy mouth leads to a happier, healthier pet.  We regularly perform routine dental prophylaxis using high speed and ultra sonic instruments.  However, we are also able to do advanced procedures, such as extractions of loose/broken teeth, treatment of gingival hyperplasia, and management of other oral disease processes.


During a dental procedure, we will also perform a thorough oral exam and utilize digital radiographs (x-rays) to evaluate for diseased teeth or other oral pathology.


Anesthesia is necessary when performing a dental procedure so that the teeth can be adequately evaluated and cleaned.  As part of our standard for optimal pet care, all dentals include age-appropriate pre-anesthetic blood work, IV catheter placement with fluids, and cardiopulmonary monitoring during the procedure.  We also use pain management procedures, such as local anesthetic blocks for extractions, and oral pain medication to alleviate any discomfort at home.


Routine dentals, in conjunction with appropriate at-home dental care will help your pet have fresh breath and keep teeth as healthy as possible.  While brushing the teeth is the best way to slow down tartar build-up and prevent dental disease, we also offer several other at-home care options, including:


Tartar Shield dental treats and rawhide chews

Tartar Shield DentaTabs water additive

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d for Dental Health